Ambulance Remounts

Donley Safety can remount your ambulance and bring it up to date with the latest features.

Ambulance remounts make use of an ambulance that already exists. The box is removed from an ambulance that is old and worn and a new chassis is put underneath it. By re-using some of the key components of the ambulance, particularly not having to manufacture a new box, a tremendous cost savings can be offered.  You’re also able to refurbish and update select pieces of the vehicle to meet specific customer’s needs and specifications.

The major benefit and/or advantage of remounting an ambulance is the cost savings to the customer.  By utilizing the existing box, we can save the customer time and money, by not having to build the shell and install all of the cabinetry. In doing the remount, the components that need to be refurbished can be refurbished. In the end, the customer has a top quality product, just as if they had purchased a new ambulance,  And, they have saved money.

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